A sculptural fauna

Bourg en Bresse and Lions Popular Art Biennials were a unique opportunity to work on a new three dimension support. The volume was approached with the idea of "dressing" each animal sculpture in order to give it a new identity.


 Msr. Hand(some)


The Bourg en Bresse Popular Art Biennale main theme was the Bresse chicken. Known internationally for its quality seal in gastronomic fairs, its fame and prestige invariably condemn it to end up at the table as the main dish. Hence the idea of "hiding" the chicken by hiding its feathers under the shape of hands with embroidered gloves.



Our Lord of the Orchids


In relation to the orchids series made in black and white in 2007, Our Lord of the Orchids takes as starting point the feline features that suggest some Phalaenopsis.
This project, which was part of the 2014 Lions Biennial, exhibited in Macao a lion tattooed with arabesques and orchids in the form of lion heads. A new color sticks out between black and white: coppery gold.



Nouage pour un cheval (Knots for a horse)


This time the Bourg en Bresse Bienal proposes the theme of the horse, one of the "symbolic" animals of the region. This project marks the return to color, although with a range narrowed toward the blue, going from turqoise to green and with some beige points. The black, however, dominates the composition’s tone .
This time, the motifs which dress the horse refer to the art of Chinese knots, loaded with a symbolism which carries good fortune and other virtues.